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Rest at La Martina Hotel Boutiquealso involves recreation. Walking and visiting the most significant places in the city are part of a great adventure. You will be able to know a little of the history of the city of Medellín and some of the characters that have made this territory famous. These are also spaces that have been culturally resignified after years of conflict. Currently converted into tourist attractions to demonstrate that transformation is possible. The ventures that surround all these places will give you motivation to continue yours.

The City of Eternal Spring

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What to do in Medellin?

  • Hacienda Santa Isabel

    In this emblematic place an excellent coffee is produced. It is one of the reasons why this hacienda is known. You can see the entire production process and, as if that were not enough, try a good cup of coffee.

  • Citytour (private)

    In a pleasant and informal way, we bring you closer to the most significant places in the city. The medieval architecture of its churches, as well as the urban and cultural heritage of the streets are special settings for good photographs.

  • Guatapé (private and shared)

    It is a cozy and picturesque village whose tourist attraction is a huge stone. The adventure is to climb it to see the horizon and then navigate the lagoonspecial. The colors of the houses and the view of nature seem like fantasy. Sign up for the offer of 8 hours of private or shared tour to see this beauty of Antioquia.

  • Comuna 13 Tour (private)

    Witness the urban and traditional art that is produced in the streets of Medellín. Cultural diversity is one of the pillars of the artistic proposals promoted by the city. Observing local talent will be of great inspiration.

  • Coffee Tour (private)

    This is an almost obligatory tour, since we are talking about the city that produces one of the best coffees for export. You will witness the entire coffee production process and the aroma will keep you energized at every moment.

  • Transformation Tour

    This is a very emotional and motivating excursion. A city that was marked by violence has managed to overcome stigma. In this tour you will be able to see the joy of a place that is not afraid of changes.

  • Tour hacienda Nápoles

    Hacienda Nápoles was the luxurious estate built and owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia Department, Colombia, approximately 150 km east of Medellín. If you like wildlife and the work of those who protect animals, this place will leave you delighted. You can have contact with the different species and feed them.

  • Citytour (shared)

    This group tour allows you to share different views about the city. Learn from the diversity of opinions that a single place can generate.

  • Graffiti tour (shared)

    The city of Medellín is characterized by a very rich cultural offer. The culture of hip hop expressed in graffiti is one of the most exploited on the streets. You will be able to see the works of urban artists who dress the city.

  • Pablo Escobar Tour (shared)

    Explore the biography of the most famous drug trafficker in Latin America and the world. A character that causes controversy among the locals for the protection he offered to popular areas in exchange for violence.